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Book Review: Paths to Divinity

The mystery of the mind and how each of us find ‘divinity’ or the great divine in our every day lives, can be the question here. In these short tales, for some it is a very dark place to be and each molecule of time devoted to achieving that ever so heightened feeling of ‘divinity’ can be in fact the most horrendous of all places.

What is Divine? Is it something ugly, or something beautiful? It must be unbearable and completely painful to reach that level. Is divine real? I think it untouchable really, and the desires of one to seek it must truly drive one insane.

Joseph DiCristofano writes a collection of short stories and titles his book ‘Paths to Divinity’. It is a dark read and there are points of defined horror scripted artfully but with great detail, and chilling to the core. These words by DiCristofano are written with a sharp tongue. This one book is complete with seven separate stories. Each story is thick with detail and richly written. In total there are 153 pages that are quickly read, yet quite notable.

I simply love the way this book is written. It has a dark narrative a lot like the works of Poe. Paths to Divinity certainly is a dark read with points of defined horror. The short stories are scripted artfully and with great detail. This book is horrific but impossible to stop reading.

I highly recommend this book to those that enjoy dark horror. 

Paths to Divinity
A Collection of Tales
by Joseph DiCristofano
Paperback 154 p.
Kindle eBook 156 p.

An archaeologist gone mad describes the unearthed secrets that drove him to insanity. The tables turn on a ‘tender-hearted’ serial killer who truly loves his victims. A mortally wounded German soldier contemplates the futility of war and love lost in the company of a tennis-obsessed Grim Reaper. A slain Spartan king is awakened by The Furies and finds his vengeance. A little girl stumbles upon a mythical garden and finds within herself the world’s salvation. Paths to Divinity offers tales grotesque and wonderful from the mind of author Joseph DiCristofano. Open this tome, and savor a journey filled with horror, magic, fear, and hope. Escape the trappings of normalcy and embrace your imagination

Add Paths to Divinity by Joseph DiCristofano
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