Nothing will ever replace the feel and smell of a real book. There is something truly magical about holding a book in your hands and taking flight with the turn of each page.  It is also a wonderful experience to walk into a Library and browse the shelves. The ability to pick up the hard covers and open them. Actually being able to see the different genre labels. Suddenly realizing something from that shelf of books sounds amazing! At that very moment a world is at the fingertips. The adventure of  seeking and discovering, is something irreplaceable.

I have to drive pretty far if I want to shop in a book store that carries brand new books and with best sellers or new releases. There are only two book stores fairly close and yet still a good drive away. One of those stores is a used book store and what they get is random. It is a wonderful place for any book lover, I must say. It just does not always have the selections I might be craving. The other is a comic book store, which I can not lie, I absolutely love going in there.

I also love my Kindle. Or as it is officially named Fire HD 8 (7th generation). My very first e-reader was actually a Nook though. It was great! It was black and white and there were no apps, only e-books. It was my first experience with purchasing digital reads. At that time I had dial up and it was impossible to even register my device from home. I had to drive about ten miles to the nearest hot spot. It became second nature to use my computer and browse the books, saving what I wanted to my wish list.  On the next trip to town I got my downloads. Hard to imagine how far this e-book reading thing has gone with me. I was reluctant to get one. And, maybe obvious why.

Happy to add in here, we now have Wi-Fi at home! Yippee!! 

One of the things I now adore about my e-reader is the capability to have so many books in one very small space. And, I can pack it around with me where ever I go. As long as I download the books to my device at home, WiFi is not even needed when I get to my destination. Add a cute ear bud and there are other goodies too. I can listen to Spotify and just chill. Or watch what I want while hubby watches football. And, I love to play the games. There are free apps for just about anything at Amazon.

The truth is, here at home, there is nothing prettier than a loaded book shelf.  There is usually other things on those shelves with my books. I’ve always thought though, all that’s really  needed for decorating is plants, a fish tank, maybe candles, and of course lots of books. It is a cozy warm feeling to be surrounded by books. A digital device can not replicate that at all, unless of course you’re using the burning fireplace app.

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