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Book Review: The Awakening A Wolf Creek Falls Novel

The Awakening A Wolf Creek Falls Novel

by S.D. Vieau

Romance | Sci-Fi | Fantasy | Netgalley
Publish Date March 18, 2018
Downloaded April 26, 2018
Date Read May 2, 2018

My Review

The moon, the sun and magic breathe life here. The pages are filled with magical creatures, fairies, shifters, witches and the light fighting through the darkness. I loved reading this book. The dialogue is upbeat and lively.

This one is listed as romance, sci-fi and fantasy. Maybe consider shelving it under sexy-hot-paranormal. Not one wolf, but two making the math easy for anyone to figure out that this is one hot read. The story is great, along with all the raw attraction. The love and lust make the fantasy what it is but the story is deeper than just sexual instinct. A connection exists and it is blended with the magic of this enchanted place where Cara returns after her Grandmother passes away.

In my opinion the quick and un-natural way these characters meet and dive right in, is the reason to read a paranormal in the first place. When I pick up a fantasy, I want to read about that ‘out of the norm’ stuff. I want the book to take my mind off reality. I want to lose myself in the book and the story. That is exactly what happened when I started reading The Awakening A Wolf Creek Falls Novel. The characters are interesting, colorful and fun. They got my attention and made me concern for them. I am fully invested and really hated to finish this book without the sequel out yet. I want to read more and looking forward to book 2,  The Tree of Light.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Yes, I loved reading this book and feel it deserves a 5 star rating. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading paranormal romance and fantasy with mature sexual content.

Book Description

CARA WEATHERLY was a vivacious 24-year-old Vet Tech on the fast track to success. Focused on her future she never gave much thought about her childhood, until the death of her Grandmother changed everything. Learning she was a sun witch and having her once stolen childhood memories returned to her fractured and incomplete; Cara made the unexpected decision to uproot her life and move to Wolf Creek Falls. Plagued by dreams of her childhood and struggling with her shattered memories, Cara tries to control her rapidly returning powers.

From the second LUCIAN and LUCCA CALVETTI walked into her life, Cara was inexplicably drawn to them. At 6’2 with muscles to spare and molten amber eyes a girl could drown in, the brothers were hard to forget. Acting as if they had known her all her life, Cara couldn’t deny feeling the same way. Will Cara ever be able to piece together her fragmented memories? What else will she find waiting for her in Wolf Creek Falls?

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