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The Valarsard Chronicles by Erin Eldridge

Ravening Heart of the Wolf  (The Valarsard Chronicles Book 1)
by Erin Eldridge

A brutal medieval warlord believes his lost true love has returned to him from the grave. A young girl is uprooted from the sheltered life that is all she has known and must learn to survive in a violent and pitiless world where man is wolf to man. A valiant young warrior loses his heart to her, but the unforeseen tears them apart. Fate conspires to throw all three into each other’s path with shattering results. A colorful cast of minor characters helps to create a stunning, stained-glass-montage of an adventure that will enthrall readers young, old, and in-between.

The Wolf in Winter
(The Valarsard Chronicles Book 2)
by Erin Eldridge

Following the dramatic events that closed Book One, the Valarsards settle back into harmonious co-existence. But tranquility is short-lived, enemies are close at hand, and both the wolf and the eagle are called upon as never before to protect loved ones and avert further tragedy.

~Meet the Author Erin Eldridge~

Hi, I’m a New Zealand author, residing in Christchurch New Zealand, along with most of my family. I took up writing seriously two years ago and have now published 3 books, each one very different in style and content. I’ve been a teacher all my working life, working in mainstream as well as in Special Needs, specifically with deaf children. I’ve worked all over New Zealand as well as in Africa (book about my experiences there is in progress) and Asia (another book!). My subjects are English language and literature. Reading has always been a passion, especially history, and now i’m enjoying writing books myself, which I hope my readers will enjoy too.

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