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Book Review: Kalopsia by Andrea Michelle

Andrea Michelle

Kalopsia: The Best Contemporary, Modern Poetry for Young People by Andrea Michelle

My Review:

This book of poems is uplifting and inspirational. The words paint a picture of reality and make you feel that you are not alone. Although the title and description call to an audience of younger readers than myself, I found this poetry in relation to my own life and age group.

“Maybe it’s the people who walk around, delicate as paper, holding matches and destroying their own selves. And in our pile of ash we scoff at all the burning bodies, as if our flame is less destructive than theirs. -Michelle, Andrea. Kalopsia: The Best Contemporary, Modern Poetry for Young People for Free! (Kindle Locations 370-375). Unknown. Kindle Edition.”

Beautifully written, well written and a gorgeous cover. It looks wonderful on my kindle, my phone and on my computer. It was an absolute pleasure to read.

How it made me feel.

We live in a society that continues to beat each other down. Jealousy, envy, anger, just to name a few emotions that cause people to treat other people as less. And, at any age! Some how we have arrived to the point that making someone feel horrible raises our own self worth. These poems hit on that notion, or at least that is my interpretation. This is one I would recommend to everyone certainly that loves poetry but especially someone that is hurting. To someone that has had a recent breakup or divorce. Someone that is feeling really down, maybe even suicidal. Every young girl in high school should without a doubt read this and every young boy too! We need to learn how to respect ourselves and demand it from anyone that wants to be close to us. The words give personal strength as to say, our own pain is worthy. Each of us is worthy. Our self worth is something to value and respect even if society does not see it that way.

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