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Book Review: Black Rose, Wilted by Frederick Jones

Black Rose, Wilted
Frederick Jones

Black Rose, Wilted is a little darker than some poetry, with a Gothic feel to it. The cover caught my eye and made me want to take a closer look. The poems inside are revealing. The order of these words and how each poem is actually formed on paper also adds to the artistry and creativity. Frederick Jones shares in his biography about his Military background and strong family ties. All of that comes through in his work. The poetry written is not political per se but stresses integrity that comes from that military style background. The stanzas and verse are firm, and straight forward.

“the treachery that in this place heavily looms
irregardless of the sins that lie within 200 rooms
sanity, or, vanity
just surviving here is insanity
stuck between walls and metal forged halls
year upon year
day upon day
-Jones, Frederick. Black Rose, Wilted (pp. 34-35). Frederick Jones. Kindle Edition.”

“abundant fresh green maples
of which are freshly rained
the staples pierce deep
as I now am involuntarily submissive to
the harsh elements of life
driving down the pitch black road
awaiting the daisy chain of events to explode
-Jones, Frederick. Black Rose, Wilted (pp. 72-73). Frederick Jones. Kindle Edition.”

These works of poetry found in Black Rose, Wilted are wonderful, outrageous, and dynamic. The entire collection is a power house of emotions. Black Rose, Wilted is not a small collection, and one that shows the depth of the man that wrote it. The paperback is beautifully designed from the cover to the printed pages and the digital copy looks nice on all my devices. Easy to read and beautifully done.

How it made me feel.

I first read and reviewed Black Rose, Wilted in 2014 and read the paperback as well as the digital copy. In my honest opinion, there is no comparison to holding a poetry book in your hands. I simply enjoyed reading this book. At times the words felt like slam poetry, and at other times I was on the verge of crying. The words feel masculine, hard and yet, open. Dark at times, sweet and lulling at others. Black Rose, Wilted is a wonderful and diverse collection of poetry. Through all of that roughness and sternness, there was a romantic feel. I highly recommend Black Rose, Wilted to the romantic at heart and especially to those that get the beauty of darkness.

About the Author

Born on April 6th 1970 in Ft Carson, Colorado and raised in a military Family, I have had numerous experiences that stretch across the globe. I currently live in Augusta GA where my Family settled in after my Fathers retirement from the Army. I too, am a Soldier. I have served 2 combat tours. One during Operation Desert Storm. The other from 2004-2005 for Operation Iraqi Freedom. I currently am serving in the Military with the primary function of training our Soldiers for deployment. Divorced twice, I have 3 wonderful children (Fred Jones IV, Serenity, and Kaitlyn) who are my everything! My children are and ALWAYS will be my priority. Raised in a very close Family and I am so glad. My parents; Lydia J Jones is a Brilliant teacher, and, my Father who is retired Military have made me who I am today.

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