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Book Review: Blood Dreams by J.W. Baccaro

Blood Dreams is flirty, sharp, witty, humorous and horrific. Bloody horrific. The characters frustrated me at times with their quirks. As the story moves, the reason for their weirdness becomes evident in a clear yet terrifying way. While I would not label this one as a romantic novel, the story moves with two main characters. The ending is tragic, twisted, unexpected and with everything considered, quite beautiful and memorable. It absolutely deserves high marks.

“We’ll get out. Besides all dreams come to an end.”

-Blood Dreams

After reading the prologue and the reviews for this book, I thought -I knew where it was going. Well, that was a big fat lie.

The first half of the book is pretty normal as far as a paranormal goes. There were subtle reminders to what I was reading, was indeed a supernatural story. On the other hand, the characters and the situations are too real for fiction. Close to a reflection of real-world -sign of the times- and crimes.

The detective and the princess are not typical love-birds by any means. They don’t exactly hate each other either. Yolanda fits the bill as being a perfect media junkie all dolled up. Even over kill by most standards. She does provide a distraction to Caleb’s crazy messed up life though. It’s fun to watch their efforts to keep their true feelings under wraps. Their batter and relationship is key to the story’s romancic side that does spill over to what makes each of these characters tick. Where the story was going and the gravity of the situation was all in these two characters. It was a wild journey filled with scary skeleton like monsters and other unnatural beings. The author never revealed too much and the story always teetered on suspense. I knew what was happening really wasn’t right. And, I had questions but I knew the reason for it all was a page or two away. The build up was there. Each page pulled at me, deeper into their messed up world.

Half way through the book things started to be revealed. Rather quickly it became a mind freak and I could hardly put the book down. The author was able to depict the mind as the dark place it can be and how humanity is constantly faced with choices. In Blood Dreams, like in real-life, the choices people make often times throw everything off balance. Our choices always have a real effect on other human beings. In Blood Dreams it is made evident that by the time we figure out our mistake, it is too late.

The author freed his imagination to take the reader on a hell of a dream-like ride. One of horror and humor combined. All the while there is a direct connection to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Although fiction, mental health is real. These situations in the story may be made up, make-believe, horrific fairy-tales. However, anyone could have gone through these horrible nightmares. Watch the news, ask one of your friends or look deep within yourself.


Blood Dreams by J.W. Baccaro available at Amazon.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m giving Blood Dreams five stars for several reasons. First it is very well written. From beginning, the prologue alone is gut wrenching. The story has an absolute pull and made me want to continue reading. Both leading characters are interesting and the dialogue between them kept me emotionally attached. Beautiful artwork, great editing and incredible story. I purchased my own copy for my Kindle Fire and absolutely loved this book!


Blood Dreams by J.W. Baccaro
Rosen Simeonov (Illustrator), Leanore Elliott (Editor)

When the sorrows in life outweigh the perks and you find yourself at the end of your rope, would you change it if given the chance? If one had the power to fulfill your lost dreams regardless of any consequences that may follow, would you accept?

That is the message preached to the broken-hearted by a mysterious cult called Blood Ghost.

Strangely, those who accept the deal are found murdered days later. Specifically drawn to this case is Detective Caleb Powe. Above all, he feels compelled to bring the hierarchy of the cult to justice. Only, the deeper he comes to the truth the more disturbing his own reality becomes, making him question if the life he’s living belongs to someone else, someone from the past.


Mature reading with no explicit sex. Blood Dreams is a good fit for YA, New Adult, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Supernatural and Horror fans.

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