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Book Review: Indigo

A brilliantly written time-travel love story.
Indigo by Paula Berinstein

Indigo by Paula Berinstein

What would you do if you suddenly found yourself mistress of an 18th-century plantation?

Esther Rubens is looking forward to getting to know her new community in South Carolina and repairing her troubled marriage. But as soon as she arrives in Charleston her life begins to diverge from the idyllic picture in her mind. Her physicist husband, Melvin, is arrested for driving while black, she inherits a strange English property from a cousin she didn’t know existed, and she learns that her great-grandmother Sophie, a brilliant scientist kidnapped by the Nazis, discovered the secret of time travel of all things.

Intrigued by Sophie’s cryptic journal Melvin begins to experiment with time travel, but his anger at the police makes him careless. The process backfires, killing him and throwing Esther back to 1750. Attacked by an unknown assailant the moment she arrives, she seeks protection at an indigo plantation belonging to a dashing planter with a dangerous secret, negotiating a deal that guarantees her safety. But she soon realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. What she discovers on the plantation is far more horrific than anything she could have imagined.

Overwhelmed, she attempts to flee just as the planter’s mysterious, handsome brother arrives from England seeking refuge-and offering an opportunity that’s too compelling to turn down. But can he be trusted? And are the two of them strong enough to vanquish the evil that’s pervading the lowlands? Only time will tell.

The first title in the Indigo series.

My Review:

Indigo starts off running right out of the gate. The reader knows going in, this is about time-travel. So, the anticipation and excitement builds beginning with the beautiful cover, ready to get lost in the fantasy.

Immediately, the first chapter sinks into the story with a quick introduction of the main couple and an explosive event that gets things going. If sci-fi, thrillers, mysteries, historical-fiction, love stories and of course time-travel are your favorite genres to read, you will fall in love with Indigo.

There are twists and turns with the unexpected events that keep this story churning. With all of the excitement of time-travel and love matters Indigo is an incredible fantasy. There is no loss of depth and real-life issues as well, making this a riveting and enthralling adventure.

Indigo is an absolutely wonderful read to cozy up with. I love time-travel and historical-fiction, who doesn’t? But this one surely is a wild but also very romantic story to be taken away with. I especially loved the history involved giving this fantasy loads of real life feeling with intense and real life situations.

The Author

Paula Berinstein

Follow Paula Berinstein on Amazon to learn about the author and for more of her wonderful titles.

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