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Tina Hogan Grant The Reunions

Tina Hogan Grant Author
Reckless Beginnings, Better Endings,
The Reunions

Tina Hogan Grant  A native of England.

Reckless Beginnings :: Better Beginnings :: The Reunions

I feel very lucky to have spent my childhood and adolescent years in a small quaint Yorkshire town called Ilkley, where many days were spent roaming the Yorkshire moors, climbing the Cow & Calf Rocks, swimming in the River Wharfe and playing “Conkers” and “Jacks” with schoolmates. 

I am the youngest daughter of famed science-fiction author James P. Hogan who sadly passed away seven years ago. Thank you, Dad, for sharing with me your passion for books and writing. Today I am living that passion with hopes of passing it on to my children and grandkids.

Commercial Fisherwoman turned Author

I came to America in my late teens and in my mid-twenties I spent ten years commercial fishing for lobsters with my future husband Gordon. After many tired days and nights spent at sea, we decided to sell it all and move to the mountains with the dream of building a house.

Fast forward fifteen years and we actually built our dream home. (Doing most of the work ourselves.) In the small mountain community of Frazier Park located in Southern California and finally moved in just six months ago.

We lead a simple life in the country, where we raise chickens for fresh eggs, grow vegetables and our only source of red meat is venison, hunted by my husband. We enjoy everything related to the outdoors. My husband is a professional falconer and bird trainer. We love relaxing afternoons kayaking the lakes in our surrounding areas and hiking with our two dogs, a Jack Russell (Ellie) and a Britney (Tess).  My other passions include gardening, fishing, boating and of course writing and curling up with a good book.

Currently, I’m in my mid-fifties and content where I am in my life right now. A new chapter has begun. It’s an exciting time to watch my manuscript evolve into a book for others to read and hopefully enjoy. I’m on this path and I hope you will join me.


Book Trailer -Reckless Beginnings

Book Trailer – Better Endings

The Reunions
by Tina Hogan Grant
Book 3
Tammy Mellows Series

The Reunions is the final book in The Tammy Mellows Trilogy.

Would time be on their side?

A mother’s wish.

A daughter’s determination

Which one, if any, would be fulfilled first? 

Tammy, Donna, and Jenny were separated by divorce and divided by an ocean for decades. 

Their mother, Rose, had one wish—to see her girls together one more time.

For Tammy, it would have to wait. She’s living out her dream as a commercial fisherwoman on the Pacific Ocean. But when a fishing trip goes wrong, she questions her future with the fleet. 

After two devastating deaths in the family, and when Tammy finds herself fighting for her own life not once but twice; the family takes center stage. She wants to make her mother’s wish come true.

But did the sisters wait too long? Their mother’s health suddenly takes a turn for the worse. 

Will she get to see her girls together one more time?  

The Tammy Mellows Series is complete. Start reading this series for just $0.99. Based on true events, women of all ages will relate to Tammy’s coming of age experience. Reckless Beginnings – Book 1 ($0.99) Tammy clings on to hope to win back her life. “She Wanted The American Dream And Got A Nightmare”. In Better Endings – Book 2-Tammy Chases her dreams and pushes herself to the limit to succeed. “It Took A New Love To Discover Her Demons”. In The Reunions, Tammy learns the price of procrastination that will stay with her for the rest of her life. “Will Time Be on Their Side? “A raw, emotional account of one woman’s life’s lessons.

Reckless Beginnings – Book

Better Endings – Book

The Reunions – Book

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