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Book Review: Speculate

by Eugen Bacon & Dominique Hecq

Simply a discussion of life and human situations,
bursting with a brutal mix of reality and turbulence.

Words jumped out at me immediately. Mask, hoax, facts, all words that are being slung around today during our world events and human situations. This style of poetry can be confusing and I was perplexed. However, isn’t that the whole point of this style of writing? It was absolutely great! I love it!

It felt like to me a reality check of how life goes and then maybe our part in all of it. Where ever the reader stands in their position of life, there will be a good chance these mind blowing conversations will feel close.

Sharp hits at who we think we are and what the view to that might actually look like. There are bits and twists probably to remind us not to take ourselves so seriously. It is, those very ‘bits and twists’ that shatters the despair of the situation.

My favorites were ‘the bird woman’ and ‘call me scar’. I read them over and over. Both pieces were a tad disturbing, hauntingly real and intensely thought provoking..

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