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Attention Earth – Letters From Afghanistan

Letters From Afghanistan by Maricla Pannocchia

Olivia is a 14 years old Californian girl. Her summer doesn’t look so exciting as she and her family head over to grandpa’s home in San Francisco.

But the geography assignment her teacher has set her could change everything.

Olivia has to write letters to a girl studying in an Afghan school.

That’s how she connects with Basya.

Basya is 14 years old and lives in a small Afghan village. She dreams of becoming a teacher but she has to face so much just in order to survive and get an education.

When Basya is in trouble, Olivia will have to find her own strength and courage to help her friend. A coming of age story to celebrate diversity and a friendship that knows no borders.


Letters From Afghanistan highlights tradition, culture and beliefs. It gives a sense of why they react, teach and live as they do. How women are looked at, treated, compared to men and how their lives differ from men simply because they are women. I highly recommend this read to inform and bring awareness to human rights, the rights of women and girls. It is more of a world issue than just a country issue and it is a warning to how a mindset or a way of thinking can drive an entire society.

The author gets straight to the point and describes an American girl growing up in California versus a young girl growing up in Afghanistan. While the story is fiction it reads like a documentary or biography based on real lives of these two young teenage girls. The book is set up like a diary between two pen pals that share their thoughts, their hopes, dreams and fears. It makes pretty clear, the differences between their lives. This is a good read that brings attention and awareness to real life, real world issues that should be read by everyone.

I hope the author Maricla Pannocchia gets her book added to school libraries and offered to girl book clubs. A lot of great discussion can come from a book like this one.

About The Author

Maricla Pannocchia

Goodreads | Website | Instagram | Facebook

Maricla Pannocchia was born and raised in Italy, where her home base still is, yet considers herself a “citizen of the world.”

She has always loved travelling and learning more about other cultures and people. 
Her passion and talent is writing. Maricla use words to write novels that shed light on humanitarian issues and give readers call to actions to better their lives and those of others. She also travels the world to write about other cultures and people and to meet people who often are forgotten and whose stories we rarely seen in the news. 

Maricla strongly believes we’re not here just to exist and does her best to bring positive changes and awareness through her writing.

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