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Book Review: Fade

Ashes of the Phoenix: The Fade

“We’re mixed in a paradox wherein people write absurd stories about societies on the verge of collapse, but in reality, the worst dystopian world is the one in which we currently live our daily lives.” -Jade Fade Merrick

Title : Ashes of the Phoenix: The Fade
Author : Jane Fade Merrick
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B079L78Y96
Publisher ‏: ‎Tektime
Publication date ‏: ‎July 16, 2017
Language ‏ : ‎English
Print length ‏ : ‎182 pages

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About the Book

An illustrated Slice of Life novel. Three lives entwine because of a subtle coincidence. A girl on the edge of society, an extremely rich weird kid and one of the most popular pop stars of the planet.

Fade lives a life left on her own, struggling constantly to survive in a society that swallows everyone who doesn’t keep up with its pace; her only company is a kitchen knife and a scar embedded in her leg that reminds her every day of who she is and why she is there. While she’s stealing in a supermarket, she meets Jag, a boy with a disturbing appearance who convinces her to join him in his weird plan: to become the main sponsor of one of the most successful bands of the moment, of which he’s a huge fan, and – apparently – he doesn’t lack the money to do so. She allows herself to be convinced to meet Nef, a typical playboy, who eventually will learn that the world isn’t all at his feet like he thought…

About The Author

About Jane Fade Merrick
I am a lonely novelist who tends to stay in the shadow.

Ashes of the Phoenix – my first book – is a light novel, it means that there are drawings made by myself among the chapters.

It’s a slice-of-life novel, which means it talks about people like you, but with a little bit messed life.

If you want to discover my universe, you’re welcome. Thanks!

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Dystopia can live within even when the surrounding world is operating on the normal.

When I started reading it felt like a dystopia novel. As I discovered, Fade had worked herself right into that state of being within the current world. A real reflection of society and how some are over looked. Things happen to people that cause them to make choices that can separate them from the world. A personal world is then created for survival and possibly called crazy by those living on the outside.

The Fade is so different from other books I’ve read. The plot, the characters, the writing style, all of it makes it so original and awesome.

The little dude Jag has a plan and it is so weird involving Satan and sacrifice. Fade is at the core of that plan along with Nef’s emo rock band. The story is so much more than all of that though and it takes getting to the end to really know and understand Fade. Who she is and how she got to where she is at in her life. Why she seems afraid, in hiding and on the run. It is extremely clever and detailed how they all meet and how Fade fairs through it all.

Some words to associate would be romance, emo, dark, fantasy, sci-fi, death, suicide, mental illness, cyberpunk, satan, sacrifice. It all works and with the style it is written, could be called poetic.

Fade is easy to associate with. She has some of the same issues and concerns about the world around her as maybe many do. This book brings to light homelessness, mental illness, forgiving oneself and moving past what can haunt a soul forever.

It deals with wrong doings, mistakes made and how to accept, talk about it, feel it, living with the emotions that are left over and finding trust again.

Written like a graphic novel there are episodes that are burst of quickness, giving it a very unique and artful writing style. Complete with rollerblades, waxed red locks, pink hair, a black page diary and an emo rock band, it feels very gothic and animated.

As the story goes on, it becomes clear the story could be someone’s truth. There are aspects that make it a fantasy, with some sci-fi details about Jag. There are original graphics by the author that enhance the graphic, animated novel feel. But the story itself has a lot of real life aspects.

Too often in life, it feels impossible to convey what is in the heart. Being broken or feeling so, can hinder a true expression of emotion. Then, when something really bad happens and jolts the mind to do what it must, by then it may be too late.

There is absolutely a push and pull relationship between Nef and Fade. You can call it a romance but this book is not fluffy in any sense. It is raw and gets to the nitty gritty of how life can deal a rotten hand to some. And, how mistreated people react to every day situations.

These characters have dark, morbid personalities and dialogue. It is a recalling, a memory, letting the mind tell its story in a very vibrant way.

I highly recommend this book for mature adult reading. There are no explicit details but there are innuendos and adult situations along with language. Great reading especially for those that enjoy graphic novels, poetry books, anime, manga, fantasy and fiction with realism.

I’m not sure if the following would be considered a spoiler, so I am marking it as such. Do not read past this line if you do not want to know anything.


The ending is brutal and heartbreaking. I was very sad and sorry to know what happened to Fade. Then to read further when Nef was dreaming, only made what happened to her even sadder.

What was inside of Nef’s heart but never truly imagined was absolutely gut wrenching. To know Fade would never have that happy ending was so sad.

It was a real turn of events. From the start I totally loved Fade. She is so colorful, so vivid and to be honest, although this is fiction and fantasy, Fade felt real. Then, approximately the last quarter of the book, Nef showed his heart and he became quite loveable.

I’m still curious about Jag. I want to know more about his background and where he goes from here after Fade.

The end also leaves an opening with a new life for Nef.

romance, emo, dark, fantasy, sci-fi, death, suicide, mental illness, cyberpunk

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