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Book Review: The House Plant by Jeremy Ray

The House Plant by Jeremy Ray

I’ve never read a short story that had such an emotional punch. Plants are a very big part of my life. I name my plants, talk to them and love them so much that it is difficult when one doesn’t make it. When I decided to read The House Plant, I figured I could handle it. Wow! Needless to say I really couldn’t handle it and it did make me cry. I felt George’s pain and felt a bit sorry for each of my plants, wondering what they might have gone through.

While The House Plant’s star is a fern named George, the family in the background spark real emotion. This story deals with death, loss and grief. As brief as the story is, the level of emotion is as hard hit as any full novel. I enjoyed this so much I would have been happy to read more about the family as they grew and as George grew more beautiful.

Jeremy Ray writes brilliantly and tenderly, detailing just how a little plant can feel and communicate with both other plants and possibly even humans. He sheds light on a scene that most of us might not give a second thought about.

There is a fern on my desk. She is an Asparagus Fern and has been the star in a few of my photos. For some reason I feel my plant is a she. Fernie’s soft long feathery arms seem to reach out to me. After reading The House Plant by Jeremy Ray, I am looking at my Fernie with different eyes now. I find myself just staring at her and can feel my face smile.

This short story is a quick lesson for anyone reading, just how precious life and nature is. The world around us should always be respected. If we humans could just slow down and listen, we might hear or feel the vibrations that could be more healing than we know. Those vibrations are healing energy for both humans and nature alike. We have just gotten to a place where we don’t think about it enough. Believe me I forget too, but after reading The House Plant it really opens my heart and spirit to appreciate this life, these plants that surrounds me.


George, a fern, doesn’t appreciate being bought by Brenda at Home Depot.

And he certainly doesn’t appreciate being trapped in her house of humans. He yearns to be with the plants outside in the garden. With time, George learns to trust Brenda and think of her as his human. Then one day, tragedy strikes and George’s life will never be the same. What happens when a houseplant loses the thing he never knew he wanted?

You’ll never look at houseplants the same way again.


About Jeremy Ray

Jeremy Ray graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a MFA in Dramatic Writing. He is the recipient of the Max K. Lerner Playwriting Fellowship for his play Boiling Point and the Shubert Playwriting Fellowship for his play Sisters of Transformation. His work has been performed at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, and his screenplays have placed in the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Competition, The Academy Nicholl Fellowship, and the ScreenCraft Drama Contest.

However, he is most fond of prose. He spends his free time devouring books like the bookworm he is. Want to know what he is currently reading? Check out his Goodreads.

Enjoy audiobooks, podcasts, both? Every week you can find him on Nobody Reads Short Stories podcast presenting a new short story (all genres) from a diverse assortment of authors.

He also does two-minute reviews of his latest good reads. Visit his website to see all the projects he’s working on.

Author Jeremy Ray

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