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A Christmas Kindness

Eight-year-old Robert discovers the true spirit of the season while visiting the mall Santa on Christmas Eve…

By Cheryl C. Malandrinos

A CHRISTMAS KINDNESS, Children/First Chapter Reader, 4RV Publishing, 52 pp.

Eight-year-old Robert is eager to share his wish list with Santa at the mall on Christmas Eve. When he meets Glenn, who only has one request for Santa, Robert is confused about what he should do. Can he cast aside what he wants and ask Santa to bring his new friend a special gift?

A Christmas Kindness is a small, illustrated book especially for children loaded full of staying content. The story is presented in a way that kids can quickly read and enjoy. The cover and the artwork inside is absolutely beautiful and cheerful adding a warm holiday feel. The story itself has a sad tone but presented in a real life situation where kids at a young age can easily relate without going down a rabbit hole of dreary darkness.

The message is one that can be learned by all of us, at any age. Many of us have so much! Both materialistic and otherwise. Many folks have families, good health and things of value to keep themselves merry at this time of year. Then there are those that live without. Not only are some folks struggling financially at this time of year or anytime of year, but many are struggling with health issues, death, loss and grief.

There may be a sadness when the season calls for joy. It is up to those that are willing and able to give of themselves even if just a little. Cheryl C. Malandrinos and Caroline Mabey have put all of that in a little book to be cherished by everyone of all ages. A Christmas Kindness would make a lovely stocking stuffer, a wonderful gift under the tree or give it now to anyone that is having a hard time finding joy during the holidays.

After the short story is read, there are activities for the reader to think about. Fun things for kids to participate with and suggestions for anyone to do, to make their hearts fill a little bit fuller. A Christmas Kindness is short, sweet and subtle, leaving me with a feeling of gratitude.


It is not often that a simple children’s book can nearly bring me to tears, but this one succeeded. There is nothing better than reading a story at Christmastime that reminds you that there are still good people and good kids in the world. This is one heartwarming Christmas story that you and your kids can read and enjoy. It will remind you of the true meaning of Christmas, and I believe that the author’s purpose is accomplished.

– Ruth, Amazon Reviewer

Robert can’t wait to see Santa. He’s got a pile of stuff he wants to ask for. Then he meets Glenn in line, and Robert himself gets to play Santa. I was touched by the main character’s transformation after he came in contact with someone in real need. The glow he walks away with can’t be bought, and he’ll never find it under the Christmas tree, but it’s the heart of the season that he’s found. Nicely illustrated, enjoyable story for readers of all ages. 

– Jude, Amazon Reviewer

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“Oh, when will we get there?” whispered Robert from the backseat of his mother’s car. He fiddled with the pull on his coat. The wipers brushed aside the snow falling on the windshield.

As they arrived, lines of cars streamed in and out of the mall parking lot. Robert peered over his mother’s shoulder and saw her white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel. She huffed as she scanned the parking lot for an empty space. He wiggled around, but his seat belt kept him secure.

Inside the mall, Christmas music and the tinkling of jingle bells tickled Robert’s ears. With his mother, Robert weaved through the crowd of shoppers. He smelled fried food from Burger Mart. The sweet scent of warm chocolate chip cookies from the bakery made his mouth water.

Robert’s shoulders drooped when he saw how many kids waited to see Santa. There were babies, some crying and struggling to get out of their mother’s arms. Little kids, many younger than eight-year-old Robert, clung to their father’s pants or jumped up and down as they waited their turn.

“This is going to take forever!”


Cheryl C. Malandrinos is a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of four children’s books including, A Christmas Kindness, released by 4RV Publishing. A member of SCBWI, she is blogger and book reviewer. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband and two daughters. She also has a son who is married.

Visit Cheryl online at and her children’s book blog at

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  1. Thanks for the fabulous review of A Christmas Kindness. I am so glad you enjoyed it. I hope your readers get a chance to check it out. Wishing you a blessed holiday season.

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