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Book Review: The Last Heir

Title: The Last Heir
Series: Fall To Darkness Book 1
Author: Summer Sullivan
Publisher: AuSable Publishing
Genre: Fantasy

Rating: 5 out of 5.

The fate of the world runs through her veins.

War lingers on the horizon for the former allies Orinth and Auntica. To the north stands the Shadow Wall; the unwavering border between the human realm and the realm of darkness. Nothing can open it, except the death of a single person…

Princess Alida Goulding has only known life inside a palace. When an outside threat arises, she’s forced to abandon it all and flee to far shores. With the help of a rebellious smuggler and the son of a crime lord, Alida embarks on a journey that changes everything she thought she knew.

Sawny Lois has spent the last four years crippled by the unsolved murder of her parents. Deprived of the answers she seeks; she spends her time helping others find their own. When she is hired by a man from her enemy country to find his brother’s killer, Sawny is launched into a treacherous world of danger and deceit. With threats at every corner, Sawny battles to stay alive, investigating the murder while searching for who she really is.

A thousand year bloodline that begins with Arca. A Shadow Wall built with a sacrifice to keep the world safe from the shadow world.

Power corrupts and confuses those with it, until it takes over and destroys everything.

The author Summer Sullivan has created an amazing world filled with magic, dark secrets, deception, mystery and adventure.

The Wilds, The Darklands, Orinth, Auntica, Nageye, Tinir and a Forest Dembe where the witch Matahali lives, all meld together building a fantasy world that takes the reader on a mystical adventure.

The king of Auntica wants the princess of Orinth dead. After King Teiran of Orinth executes an Auntica for reasonable crimes, war is inevitable between the two. But King Grafph of Auntica knows something else that is more powerful than gold or politics. The princess Alida holds the key. Grafph has dark desires to open and free what rests in the shadows. King Teiran knows his daughter’s life is on the line but his pain of losing his child is only one aspect of the danger. The world depends on her staying alive as The Last Heir, to keep what is intact beyond the Shadow Wall.

Alida is thought to be the last heir to Orinth and as long as she is alive, the shadow wall stays in place protecting their world from the shadow realm. Between the two lead females, Alida is softer being raised as royalty and catered to. She shows incredible bravery to leave home in an effort to hide herself from King Grafph and to prevent the Shadow Wall from being destroyed. All of her experiences from that point forward shows great strength and growth. Alida gets into and out of some close calls and proves she is NOT so soft. Along the way she meets Sahar and Roman forming new bonds only to be brutally betrayed.

Sawny on the other hand does not have to prove she is strong, it is just her nature. She was a young teen when her parents were brutally murdered. Before her mother died she was able to tell Sawny that her father was Orinth. Her life was pretty much the polar opposite to the life of a princess. Shooting a bow and taking care of herself are just part of who she is.

Sawny from Auntica and Alida Orinth are not directly connected nor do they know each other. They both are on separate adventures and the book goes back and forth from Sawny to Alida and where their journeys are taking them. From sailing on a ship under the night sky filled with stars to a dark forest and the shadows. Every character met along the way shines with vivid personalities absolutely adding to the over all storyline.


Alida is the daughter of King Tieran, princess of Orinth and thought to be the one and only to save the world, The Last Heir.

Rider the King’s advisor, soldier and demon of sorts, also Alida’s savor. He has powers that no one is suppose to know about. Alida knows only due to him using his powers to save her life. Rider just showed up in Orinth with a dark past of secrets that are unfolding only now to again save the princess from death.

Sawny lives and works as an investigator in Auntica. Her father was Orinth and her mother was Auntica. Not everyone knows this about Sawny. In some ways she finds it better to not talk about it while knowing being half and half is an advantage.

Adriel is a bow totting hunk from the Wilds, looking for his brother’s murderer and seeks Sawny’s help. They go off searching together. Their adventure leads them on a hunt and they find a lot more including answers to Sawny’s past and a closer connection to one another.

I loved reading The Last Heir and getting to know all the different characters of this story. The main characters of course stand out but there were also minor characters that gave the story so much feeling and emotion. I thought the first chapter was one of the best introductions I’ve read. It was very exciting and made me anxious to find out what was going to happen next. The Last Heir absolutely reads as an opener. I am so looking forward to book two so I can know where this incredible story continues. In fact I’m going a little crazy with all these cliff hangers.

I easily connected with Sawny and Adriel but can not help to think there is more about Rider and Alida. Their relationship absolutely is more like close family, Rider being a big brother type of best friend. But, they seem really drawn to one another.

The deception from Sahar and Roman was a shock. I don’t think they really meant harm to Alida. Maybe the crush that gets going between Roman and Alida will have a chance to go further in the next book.


These were some of my favorite moments that lead to so much more.

  1. When Alida cut her hair.

(This just came out of nowhere. Once she cuts her hair it felt as though she let go of something and was able to carry on.)

  1. When Adriel built a fire for Sawny.

(Sawny could build her own fire for sure. In this scene it was cold for Sawny but warm for Adriel. He even said he didn’t need a fire. The wood was wet. The fire was Adriel’s heart felt gift to Sawny.)

  1. When Matahali sends back Indira to Sawny.

At first the meeting with Matahali is a little terrifying and it was also heart breaking for Sawny to lose her beloved horse. When Indira returns it is a happy moment, proving Matahali an alliance and shows a vulnerable side of Sawny.)


About The Author

Summer Sullivan is a college student who grew up in rural Northern Michigan and attended a small high school. She enjoys biking, golfing, writing, and spending time with friends and family. Currently, Summer spends her time between her hometown and Northern Florida, working and writing as much as she can.

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