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Book Review: Haunting of Black River Forest by Jaydeep Shah

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This is my post during the blog tour for The Haunting of Black River Forest by Jaydeep Shah. The Haunting of Black River Forest is a horror adventure short story in which the adventurers struggle to survive on the land of a monstrous psychopath who enjoys slashing humans.

This blog tour is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours and the tour runs from 10 till 30 January. You can see the tour schedule here.

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The Haunting of Black River Forest
By Jaydeep Shah
Genre: Horror
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 14 December 2021

A forest of blood and corpses. The land of a cold-blooded psychopath.

In Black River Forest, it’s best not to wander too far off the beaten track. There’s no telling what you might find.

Mia and Oliver have long wanted to explore the forest, and one cold, rainy October day, a week before their fifth anniversary of the day they met, they finally make the trip.

But they’ve heard the rumors as well. The haunting. A psychopath hidden somewhere amidst the towering trees. Too many missing. Too few answers.

It’s only rumors, though. Stories. And stories can’t hurt you. Yet as Mia and Oliver venture deeper into the Black River Forest, they’ll soon discover that there’s more haunting this quiet woodland than hikers and bears.

The psychopath is very real. And he’s excited to meet them.

From Jaydeep Shah, author of Tribulation, the first book of the Cops Planet series, “The Haunting of Black River Forest” is a bloody, spine-chilling story best read with the lights on.

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I am reviewing both the kindle version and the Audiobook

When a young couple make a bad decision to go hiking along a very scary trail, things are set up. Oliver has a feeling and that is when I heard myself say out loud, “go back”. From there everything takes off. Oliver and Mia meet others in the forest that brings a bit of relief. At first, things seem normal enough and they start to think, they all are over thinking the horrific rumors they have heard. When they witness the terror for themselves, everything intensifies with a river of blood and gore.

If you enjoy slasher movies such as Scream, Halloween or Chainsaw Massacre, this will be a perfect read for you and it is short. I read it in an evening. Even so, the short story is packed with fright! Haunting of Black River Forest is terrifying, bone chilling and bloody gross. With all of that, there is an emotional adrenaline that finally breathes life into the protagonist.

Since I am a huge fan of audibles, I gave it a listen and ended up buying it for my audible library. Listening gives Jaydeep Shah’s story of a serial killer in the forest, a whole other level.

Haunting of Black River Forest is a great read or listen for spooky season, absolutely, providing that bone chilling feeling I’m always seeking when I pick up a horror to read or listen to.

The audible version is narrated by Liz Krane and she brings this terrifying tale to life. The voice telling the tale changes for each character, giving depth and personality. I felt closer to them, connecting to each character and their fear. The fear I felt while reading was definitely confirmed in the narrator’s tone.

I loved reading this horror and the audiobook is incredible! Highly recommended to those that enjoy horror and terrifying reads with graphic details of blood and gore.

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Jaydeep Shah author picture
About the Author:
Jaydeep Shah is an avid traveler and the author of gripping horror, thriller, and romance stories. As a bachelor’s degree holder in Creative Writing, he aims to entertain as many as people he can with his stories. He is best known for Tribulation, the first book in the “Cops Planet” series.

In addition to those books, The Shape-Shifting Serpents’ Choice, Jaydeep’s first young adult flash fiction written under his pen name, JD Shah, is published online by Scarlet Leaf Review in their July 2019 issue. Currently, he’s endeavoring to write a debut young adult fantasy novel while working on a sequel to his first apocalyptic thriller, Havoc.

When Shah is not writing, he reads books, tries new restaurants, and goes on adventures.

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