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Thorn of Secrets by B. Truly

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This is my stop during the bookstagram blitz for Thorn of Secrets by B. Truly. Thorn of Secrets is the second book in the My Darkest Secrets series, a gripping emotional coming of age series.

This bookstagram blitz is organized by Lola’s Blog Tours. This bookstagram blitz runs from 1 till 4 February. See the tour schedule here.

Don’t miss the tour wide giveaway! One winner wins a $10 Amazon gift card and an ecopy of Thorn of Secrets by B. Truly. You can enter the giveaway at the bottom of this post.

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Thorn of Secrets (My Darkest Secrets #2)
By B. Truly
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Coming of Age
Age category: Young Adult
Release Date: 25 January 2022

In love with the same face that haunts me…

The falling leaves of autumn are like the deceit in my family lineage. Closing the door on the infinite cold—winter blossoms into the spring of new beginnings. In the next season of my life, I’m mending the pieces back together. Opening myself up, I even begin to date, which is a big step for me.

After graduating from high school, a shocking development causes me to be on alert. When nothing comes of it, I move forward, wanting desperately to put the past behind me.

About to start college, I bump into someone from my complicated past, and my heart is torn. The dilemma I struggle with: Do I let other people’s opinion define who I am? I must decide if I’ll push through the ridicule and pave my own path. Could the face that’s scorned me be the key to my resolve? I’ll never know if I take the easy way out.

I’ve unlocked my darkest secret only to have it return to torment me. As the thorns of his obsession encompass me, I discover I’m part of a twisted ploy. If I don’t figure a way out of this predicament, then the life I’ve known may cease to exist.

Don’t miss the riveting sequel to Madison’s story that will have you dangling on the edge of your seat.


Check out the first book in the series:
Scorn of Secrets by B. Truly (My Darkest Secrets #1)
Scorn of Secrets

“I must keep it locked away—the memory of my darkest secret….”


B Truly author picture
About the Author:
B. Truly has wanted to be an author since she was fifteen years old. She is grateful to have accomplished this dream. B. Truly has very vivid dreams and a wild imagination. She likes to read, watch tons of TV shows, and movies. She’s addicted to romance and gets a thrill out of suspense and sci-fi. She writes young adult, new adult, and adult romance, sci-fi, dystopian, and paranormal genres.

B. Truly likes to explore conflicted plots of romance with thrilling twists. She also loves creating impossible situations for her characters to grow from and try to overcome.

B. Truly has three wonderful children, and a husband who defines the person that she is today. She works full-time as an Ultrasound technologist in Houston, Texas.

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There is a tour wide giveaway for the bookstagram blitz for Thorn of Secrets. One winner wins a $10 Amazon gift card and an ecopy of Thorn of Secrets by B. Truly.

You can enter the giveaway here

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