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Book Review: The Seven Hills by Julian Barr

Twilight has fallen.
A new god rises.
Olympus shall burn.

Aeneas has returned from the underworld as a twisted monster. Determined to seize the throne of heaven, he embarks upon a campaign to bring the might of Olympus crashing down. The fate of the world will be decided on the battlefields of Italia.

And yet Aeneas has not prepared for the rebellion of his son Julos, nor the courage of Lavinia, fiery princess of the Italians. Together they will stand against him and forge an empire that will change the fortunes of the Earth.

In the last battle, there can be no surrender and no retreat.

The acclaimed Ashes of Olympus trilogy comes to a stunning conclusion in a tale of love, agony and redemption.


The Way Home
Ashes of Olympus Book 1
The Ivory Gate
Ashes of Olympus Book 2
The Seven Hills
Ashes of Olympus Book 3

There is something so magical and thrilling about Greek Mythology and Legends. The Seven Hills, third book of Ashes of Olympus, holds all of that magic too. This is a re-telling of sorts, the stories of ancient Greece when Gods and Goddesses walked among mere mortals. With all their glory, Julian Barr brings those of immortality to life in fire and flames to battle along side regular men that are fighting to save their home, their lives and their loved ones.

I added The Seven Hills to my TBR (to be read) list not really expecting to begin reading until awhile from now. As soon I started sifting through the pages, I was hooked. This is book 3 and I worried since I had not read the first two books but found it so incredibly easy to get into and to enjoy.

Greek Mythology and Legend is an amazing topic, one of my favorites! This telling of that time long ago in Greece is fast paced and exciting! The writing is superb! Immediately, the characters are jumping off the pages in life and it’s impossible to not connect and get emotional with their terror and loss.

This is an epic-fantasy series with battle, lots of battle. There is love, loss, tragedy, sad moments, glorious moments all giving way to an in-depth story leaving me wanting even more at the end.

The characters that Julian created are so easy to love. Their love for one another, their passions and their beliefs, their strengths as well as their weaknesses make them feel real. All of it builds a fantasy world that feels like it could be more current, it could be home. This is a beautiful rearranged old story with enough new additives to make it an original and an absolute enjoyable telling.

I highly recommend the series Ashes of Olympus to those that enjoy first and foremost Greek Mythology and Legends but also to those that love Young Adult Fantasies and epic battles series. These books are packed with action, thrills, adventure, battle, love and all of it is so well written with an incredibly romantic touch to the warring plot.


Author Julian Barr

Julian Barr first fell in love with all things ancient and magical in childhood, when he staged his own version of I, Claudius using sock puppets. After his PhD in Classics, he did a brief stint as a schoolteacher, hated being called ‘sir,’ and dived into storytelling. Although he remains open to the possibilities of sock puppet theatre, historical fantasy is his passion. He has published scholarly research on Roman medicine and the gastronomic habits of Centaurs, but prefers to think of himself as an itinerant bard. His debut novel The Way Home, an historical fantasy based on Virgil’s Aeneid, was published in 2018.


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