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The Chosen Twelve by James Breakwell

The last interstellar colony ship is down to its final batch of humans after the robots in charge unhelpfully deleted the rest. But rebooting a species and training them for the arduous task of colonisation isn’t easy – especially when the planet below is filled with monsters, the humans are more interested in asking questions than learning, and the robots are all programmed to kill each other.

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Book Review: Awaken to Tarot by Karen La Puma

The Tarot is visual system that reveals both our True Nature and our obstacles. Introducing a new Tarot deck, made with digital collage. Through pictures, symbols, meanings, questions, processes, Kabbalah, key words, and affirmations, you can learn to: Find ways to reflect your inner guidance. Explore the magical journey of evolution Blend Astrology, Numerology, and the Tree of Life with the Tarot Discover the power and implications of the symbols of Tarot